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** All Dipped Dark Chocolate, unless specified**

Red Velvet: Red Velvet, Chocolate Ganache, Rolled Cream Cheese Frosting

Black & White: Chocolate and yellow cake rolled to look like a pinwheel, Ganache Filled, Vanilla Butter Cream rolled

Key Lime: Ganache Filled, Rolled in Key Lime Butter Cream Frosting

Double Chocolate: Ganache Filled, Rolled in Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting

Sea Salt Caramel: Yellow Cake, Sea Salt Caramel, and Rolled in Vanilla Butter Cream

Chocolate Almond: Ganache Filled, rolled with or without Almonds. Wrapped in Almond Frosting, Topped with Toasted Coconut.

Toasted Almond: Chocolate Cake, Ganache Filled with Crushed Almonds, Rolled in Vanilla Butter Cream

Caramel Pecan: Yellow Cake, Caramel Filled with Crushed Pecans, and Rolled in Vanilla Butter Cream

Fudge Brownie: Chocolate Cake, Ganache Filled with crushed Walnuts, Rolled in Chocolate Butter Cream

Caramel Peanut: Yellow or Chocolate Cake, Ganache Filled with lightly salted crushed Peanuts, Rolled in Peanut Butter Butter Cream

Chocolate Vanilla: Chocolate Cake, Ganache Filled, and Rolled in Vanilla Butter Cream

Peanut Butter: Chocolate Cake, Ganache Filled with Lightly Salted Peanuts, Rolled in Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting

CUPCAKE SUSHI Special Orders
(The following flavors are not available on a regular bases, order needs to be placed in advance)

Banana: Banana, Caramel Filled with Crushed Walnuts, and Rolled in Cream Cheese Frosting Maple Cream

Maple Crunchy Bacon: Maple Bacon Cake, Caramel Filled, Rolled in Maple Butter Cream, topped with Crunchy Bacon

Walnut Caramel: Maple Walnut Cake, Caramel and Walnut Filled, Topped with Walnuts

Chili Chocolate: Chili Chocolate Cake, Dark Chocolate Ganache Filled, Rolled in Chili Chocolate Butter Cream, Dipped in Dark Chili Cinnamon Chocolate

Chocolate Cheesecake: Dark Chocolate Cake, Filled with Cheesecake and Chocolate Ganache, Rolled in Vanilla Butter Cream

Pistachio: Pistachio Cake, filled with crushed Pistachios and Chocolate Ganache, Rolled in Pistachio Butter Cream Frosting

New! Pumpkin Spice